• Photography.

    1. the act of presenting a photosensitive surface to rays of light. 

    2. the total amount of light received by a photosensitive surface or an       area of such a surface, expressed as the product of                     the degree of illumination and the period of illumination. 

    3. the image resulting from the effects of light rays on a                 photosensitive surface. 

  • the act of exposing, laying open, or uncovering

  • the fact or state of being exposed.

  • disclosure, as of something private or secret

  • an act or instance of revealing or unmasking, as an impostor, crime, or fraud

  • presentation to view, especially in an open or public manner

  • indecent exposure

  • a laying open or subjecting to the action or influence of something

  • the condition of being exposed to danger, harm, etc.

  • the condition of being exposed without protection to the effects of harsh weather, especially the cold

  • a putting out or deserting, especially of a child, without shelter or protection; abandonment. 

  • something exposed, as to view; an exposed surface

  • public appearance, notice, attention, mention, or discussion, especially in the media

  • a prominent, often overextended position or commitment, as in investment, that is considered precarious and risky

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